Update Version 32

Patch Notes: V32 



Molten Mines 

The Bosses in Molten Mines were given proper shouting triggers at certain Stages and Health levels, which will make the fighting and surviving the Bosses a lot more comfortable than before. This includes also the 1 Shot hit 



Heavenfall Temple

Some shouts in the Heavenfall Temple were fixed, so you won't face the spam in your chat log anymore. Please report further shouts in the #bug-report Channel on Discord when you encounter them, so we can fix all.




Celestial Schism

In order to prevent confusion, that text was changed to properly display the cultivation level in order to use the item. You will need to be at Celestial Demon or Sage in order to use both Schism.



Lunar Guidance Description

Lunar Guidance Sage and Demon description was now fixed, in order to prevent any further confusion. This skill in particular was not included in the files a private server can have. We could enable the effect of both skills, but we have long ago decided not to do that (They both never worked), as Stormbringer doesn't need no further Buffs at all.



Archosaur Invasion

The Invasion was changed as following:

  • All Mobs respawn cooldowns were reduced from 60 seconds to 20 seconds
  • All Riders were duplicated.


Weapon Fashions:

  • All Weapon fashions were fixed
  • Duskblade Weapon Fashion was added to Defense Herald Chao


How the Invasion looks like after the change:



Venomancer: Rank 8

(The Melee Path)

A small but probably enjoyable change for some people, that used to like our old concept of Venomancer. We have added to Rank 8 Recast and Rank 8 Re-Recast on the Melodic Armor (Venomancer) a new stat:

  • - 0.05 Interval, which will be available on the following Armor parts:

Rank 8 Recast:

    • Melodic Prophet's Tunic (Venomancer)
    • Melodic Prophets Sandals (Venomancer)
    • Melodic Prophets Bangle (Venomancer)

Rank 8 Re-Recast:

    • Melodic Prophet's Shawl(Venomancer)
    • Melodic Prophets Boots (Venomancer)
    • Melodic Prophets Mtts (Venomancer)

This little feature should bring a bit of divirsity into the Venomancer Scene, especially those, that are in love with the Melee Aspect and Potential of a Venomancer




Automated Events 


Automated Events were adjusted in one sphere. We have re-coloured the auto-shouting in order to make the Events more visible in Game. The shoutings will also display the rewards each Event can give!




Stacking Items

The Following Stones were changed in terms of stackability. They used to stack to 1 (Taking a lot of inventory Space) and where now turned into stacking to 1000.

List of all Stones that were turned into 1000 stacks:

  • Magma Stone
  • Blessing Stone
  • Abyss Stone
  • Divine Stone
  • Sunflare Stone
  • Sky Stone
  • Astral Stone
  • Raven Stone
  • Yaksha Stone
  • Genie Stone
  • Battlement Stone 
  • Sovereign Stone
  • Sapphire Gem
  • Garnet Gem
  • Citrine Gem


Frostcovered City

(Mini Alternative to NW and WS)

Frostcovered City was changed on our server in terms of the Final reward. For more details check out our official Guide:

Frostcovered City (Evolved PW)

Last Update:

 Sinceirty Chest now drops one of the following items:


New Change:

Every Sinceirty Chest will aside of it's normal drops, also drop:

  •  Basic Badge x1 (100% Drop)



Flowsilver Palace


Flowsilver Palace was changed in its Judgement Mode as follows:


You can choose between (Old Reward):

  • Ultimate Refine Orb Packs
  • General Summer Token
  • Flowsilver Emblem


  • 30x Shiny Flowsilver Coins (100% Drop)



You can choose between (NEW Reward):

  • Ultimate Refine Orb Packs
  • General Summer Token
  • Flowsilver Emblem


  • 30x Shiny Flowsilver Coins  (100% Drop)
  •  Basic Badge x5  (100% Drop)



Twilight Temple



What was changed?

The Chances in the Twilight Essence Boxes were tweaked. You will get more Twilight Essence averagely per Run


Twilight Essence:

The Requirements of Twilight Essence per Sky Pill was reduced by x1.5:

  • Vitae Pills = New Requirement: 67 Twilight Essences
  • Arcane Sky Pills = New Requirement: 200 Twilight Essences
  • Mirage Sky Pills = New Requirement: 267 Twilight Essences
  • Astral Sky Pills =  New Requirement: 500 Twilight Essences
  • Shifting Sky Pills = New Requirement: 833 Twilight Essences


Bosses Melee debuff was reduced from Lv.3 to Lv.2


Shop Fix

Heavenfall Chests that are listed in the Star Menu in the Cubi shop (Account Limited), should now be fully functional and available.



Guild Icons

Guild Icons were updated