Update Version 37-38

Evolved PW International

Patch Version: 37


  • Uncharted Paradise

We have customised Uncharted Paradise, and removed all the retail rewards it would usually provide. The squad structure and global requirements are still intact, so we are highly recommending you to check out the officla Guide, before you check out the changes:

Uncharted Paradise - Guide



  • You won't access Uncharted Paradise via the original NPC, but via our "Elder: Events Giver" at Archosaur West.
  • The Quest is set to be daily and will require 10 Squad members in order to enter the Dungeon
  • The actual rewarding Quest will be taken from the NPC inside Uncharted Paradise or from "Elder: Event's Giver"
  • The Quest is called Lord Of Paradise - Which will require killing the End Boss of Uncharted Paradise
  • The Uncharted Bosses will drop
      • Magic Stick Pack(s)
      • Channarong Treasure (Giving Diamond of Dragon or Diamond of Tiger)


Main Quest: Lord of Paradise

The Rewards:

Quest 1:

  • 1x Lord of Paradise's Mount Cage
  • 2x Magic Stick pack
  • 20x Primordial Blood
  • 2x Barbaric Blood
  • 5x Event Gold

Quest 2:

  • 15x Event Gold
  • 4x Medium Magic Stick Pack
  • 2x Lord of Paradise Fragment Pack
  • 8x Evolved Vitae Pills
  • 35x Primordial Blood
  • 2x Barbaric Blood

Quest 3:

  • 30x Event Gold
  • 6x Large Magic Stick Packs
  • 3x Lord of Paradise Fragment Pack
  • 15x Evolved Vitae Pills
  • 70x Primordial Blood
  • 4x Barbaric Blood

Quest 4:

  • 10x Cubi Gold
  • 2x Lord of Paradise's Mount Cage
  • 3x Magic Stick Pack(s)
  • 3x Medium Stick Pack
  • 3x Large Stick Pack
  • 20x Evolved Vitae Pill
  • 80x Primordial Blood
  • 5x Barbaric Blood



Twilight Temple

We have added the Missing Nightshade Twilight Temple 1-3/2-3/3-3 Weapons available at the original locations of Twilight Temple Forges

  • Twilight Temple
  • Archosaur South



Evolved Title System

(Phase I)

We have added a very unique way to obtain (NEW) Titles, as well as making old Dungeons useful again!

This is the first Phase of our new Title System, and the next phase will be added with the upcoming Patches. It's very simple, but super fun.

The new Evolved Titles: Forge will be always available inside the Dungeons, that are being required, in order to craft the Titles.

The System:

You can exchange several old Gear pieces such as: Twilight Temple, Nirvana Palace and Rising Dawn gear for Titles. 

All these Titles can be combined into 1 Final Title. The small titels have nearly no reward, the ACTUAL REWARD is within the main Title - Result of all titles combined.

The Dungeons turned useful with this Part:

  • Twilight Temple
  • Nirvana Palace
  • Lunar Glade



The Blood Arena

(Testing Phase)


We have created a New event, that is based on the Theater of Blood event. It will launch daily at the following schedule:

  • 24:00 (Server Time)
  • 21:00 (server Time)

Everyone will be spawned into the Atrium, where you will get access via the Atrium NPC. It will randomly spawn you inside the Arena, buffed with the following Buffs:

  • Stealth Detection
  • 30% to Evade every debuff/skill
  • 30% to Evade every hit and reduce the damage to 1

You will find Evolved: Destroyer in your in your Inventory, which is a weapon with: 999999-999999 Damage. 

By entering the Dungeon you will receive 1x Evolved Token - These Tokens will drop if you get killed, which means that the actual reward are the players participating the Event.

You may enter the Dungeon only 5 times per day

The Event's Duration: 20 Minutes


Note: We are totally aware of all the things, that could be made better regarding the new Arena Event. Therefor we added it in testing Phase, so we can figure out if all of you have fun participating in such Events. Rewards will be added after it was completed fully or accepted by the community as a funny addition!



Anniversary Discount

(Cubi Shop)

The 10% discount on all items in our shop has officially ended with the Patch V37. We hope you all enjoyed our Anniversary all the Events and Content that was linked to it!