Update Version 39

Evolved PW International

Patch Version: 39


  • Rank 9 Weapons Re-Rolling

The New Rank 9 Recast 4 Weapons:

    • Wargod's Sharpedge
    • Wargod's Blade
    • Wargod's Poleblade
    • Sky Splitter Ripper

Can now be re-rolled at the Boundless Forge as well as the Cauldron of Ascension Forge


  • Rank 9 Quest description

The Quests for Rank 9 Claws, Sword, Pole and Sling have proper descriptions now, as well as Stat explanations, so new Players won't get confused when picking their desired weapon


  • Title Fix

All recently added Titles: Twilight Temple, Nirvana Palace and Lunar Glade titles are now fixed and will function as actual items that can be traded and kept in inventory. In order to add a Title, you will simply have to right click the scroll.


  • Mold Stack

All molds available in game were increased in stack. From 1 to 1000